Joe McNally: Acrobatics on a Gitzo Tripod

In this video, pro photographer Joe McNally shoots two amazing Cirque du Soleil performers on… a tripod.

We have seen our fair share of bizarre photography but this is certainly unique. For years photographer Joe McNally had a dream to shoot acrobats doing their thing on a tripod. Of course, you need a very heavy duty tripod for that (and professional acrobats – so please do not try this at home).

He took two-woman performers from the famous Cirque du Soleil to a dry lake bed near Las Vegas and with the help of just two lights (and the setting sun) came up with some very special images.

McNally has done some strange (maybe even a bit risky) shoots in the past like this shoot of Nadia Gracheva of the Russian Bolshoi Ballet, on a rooftop just next to the Kremlin.

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