How to Slate The Tape for Video

Ever wondered why the film industry uses the age old slate on almost every production? Ben Lucas  from Tuts+ talks about the uses the slate still has in the industry, what does every writing on it means and mentions a few digital alternatives.

A slate has been in the film (and videography) industry for years. It is used in the beginning of every new scene and every new take and is used to help in post production to make sure the editors will know which scene they have been working on as well as to help with sound synchronization between the camera and external sound recording equipment.

Buying a slate isn’t very expensive – you can get a cheap one for as low as $18 or a digital fancy one for under $60. If you have a tablet and you want to use an app – check out Film Clapper Board Lite (from the Google store) or moiveslate which is a paid ($30) app for your iPad.

You can find many more videos covering HDSLR techniques on our dedicated HDSLR tutorial section here on LensVid.

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