Teleprompter Basics – What You Need to Know

In this video by the basic filmmaker we take a look at the Teleprompter – what it is, how it works, why do you need it, and how to best use it.

A Teleprompter is a device that displays a text to an actor or a presenter (or a speaker) on a screen. It can be placed above or below the camera and it helps to stay on point with longer texts.

A Teleprompter can be a great tool especially if you have a long or complex script, however, you do need to make the right preparation. First, you need to write things down (kind of obvious if you are going to use a device which helps you read the text), next you need to prepare – i.e. read everything out loud again, and again and again – until you are 100% sure you nailed it. Make sure the speed of the lines going by is right for you – play with it – try slower of faster and get the speed that you feel comfortable with.

A pro Teleprompter unit is expensive (many hundreds of dollars or more) however you can build one for under $40, or download a software to your smartphone.

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