Nikon D750 Field Test

Chris Niccolls and Jordan Drake from from the Camera Store in Canada took the new Nikon D750 announced just before Photokina 2014 for a spin and came back with some insights.

We have already have a quick look at the features of the Nikon D750 when it was first announced (actually a few hours before) here on LensVid. The current review tries to look at the differences between the D750 an the lower D610 and the higher D810 (a review of which we also published – and we have been testing ourselves as well over the past few weeks – review upcoming).

The D750 with a Tilted screen


For the most part the D750 seems like a smaller, lighter and cheaper version of the D810 with a tilt screen and WIFI and faster shooting speed minus the higher resolution sensor and 1/8000 second shutter. Other than that there don’t seem to be too many reasons to go for the higher, more expensive model.

Here is a reminder of the D750 main features:

  • A new 24 Megapixel Full Frame CMOS sensor.
  • A tilt 3.2 inch high resolution screen (the first Nikon full frame camera to have this feature).
  • A 51 point AF system (just like the D810).
  • It can shoot up to 6.5 fps in continuous mode.
  • It shoots 1080p 60/30/24p videos and has aperture control and zebras.
  • A built in WIFI and a flash.
  • Price: under $2300 (on Amazon).

You can find many more previews and reviews on our Photography review section here on LensVid.

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