A First Look at the Fotodiox LED Studio In A Box

On this video Bohuš Blahut from Fotodiox takes a look at the new line of LED Studio In A Box product photography kits.

Taletop  product photography kits have been around for decades and since the internet they just became ever more popular (think about it – any product you buy on Amazon or e-bay needs a decent photo).

What seems nice about the Fotodiox LED Studio In A Box kit is that it is very compact and easy to carry anywhere, it uses built in LEDs which have long life and are flexible enough and it has some nice features and kit options like the 4 color backdrops and the two places you can shoot from (the front and the top) as well as a diffusion for the top light.

Pricing seems reasonable as well – for under $70 you can get the 16″x16″ version and for another $50 you can get the largest version (28″x28″).

How to Assemble the Fotodiox LED Studio in a Box



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