Fotodiox StandCuff – V-mount and Accessories Mount for your Light Stand A new set of tools for mounting your accesories to light stands and tripods

Fotodiox recently introduced a new series of mounting gear called StandCuff. These adaptors include either single or dual V-mount batteries or connect different accessories to any light stand or tripod.

Fotodiox StandCuff 1-V

This is a metal clamping accessory with a v-mount adaptor that connects securely around any tube measuring 25mm (0.98″) to 35mm (1.38″). Unlike some other mini v-mount clamps which clamp only on one side, this unit is much more robust and Fotodiox claims that it can support a max load of 110lbs (50kg) of weight (not that we are aware of any V-mount battery that comes even close to this number).

The price for the StandCuff 1-V is set at $70.

The StandCuff 1-V


Fotodiox StandCuff 2-V

This is a larger 2 v-mount version that also includes dual sets of 1/4″-20 and 3/8″-16 threads for connecting accessories such as arms, lights, monitors, mics, and more.

The clamp itself is similar to that of the StandCuff 1-V, has the same carrying capacity and same max payload.

The StandCuff 2-V price is set at $100.

The StandCuff 2-V

StandCuff 2-T

The 3’rd product in this family is the StandCuff 2-T. This unit has no V-mount adaptors, only a 3/8″ connector and a 1/4″ connector for all sorts of accessories. Otherwise, it is similar to the StandCuff 1-V.

The StandCuff 2-t price is set at $50.

The StandCuff 2-T

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