A Look at the GVB Gimbal with 3 Different Action Cameras

Motorized gimbals are becoming more and more common and the small ones aimed at compact/action or mirrorless cameras are also quite affordable. On this video photographer, Curtis Judd takes a look at the small GVB Gimbal and how it works with 3 different low-cost action cameras.

If you want a small unit that can help you use your action camera (GoPro or similar)

  • GVB Action Cam (about $130).
  • Xiaomi Yi HD Action Cam (under $100, there is also a new 4K model for $250 – see review here).
  • ThiEYE i60 Action Cam (selling under $90).

Like with every motorized gimbal you will need to develop some technique and learn how to maximize the stabilization and reduce the shake coming from your movements. The gimbal itself has 3 different modes which you can choose from that control how the camera reacts to shake – it is easy to control and should not be a big problem to learn how to master.

The gimbal itself is really small and very easy to carry. Out of the 3 cameras, Judd preferred the  ThiEYE i60 since it had a screen in the back (the more expensive Xiaomi 4K model which isn’t in this video also has a screen – with touch capabilities as well as the GoPro Hero4 Silver).

The GVB Gimbal is quite inexpensive – you can get it for under $170 (on B&H).

We have looked at product photography in the past and you can also check out more of Judd’s videos here on LensVid.

Iddo Genuth
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