A Look at the Triad Orbit Light and Microphone Stand System

During NAB 2016 which ended recently photographer, Curtis Judd had a chance to visit the Triad-Orbit booth and talk to Ryan from the company who demonstrated the Triad-Orbit T2 Standard and system which can work for both sound, lighting and even shooting.

Triad-Orbit has been around for over 20 years and is quite well known in the audio and music industry. In the photography and videography, however, they are less of a common name however they do have an interesting system that a lot of users might appreciate as it is so flexible and versatile.

Triad-Orbit makes an ecosystem of premium stands with a special connector and different heads (you can get a 1/4″ 20, a 3/8″ a 5/8″ or a stud to mount anything from a mic (with or without a boom which they are also selling), a light, and even a camera (although their system is probably best suited for smaller DSLR setups, mirrorless and things like portable video cameras and not heavy-duty production cameras.

The Triad-Orbit system is considered a premium ecosystem for stands and accessories and priced accordingly (see here on Amazon) but according to Judd they stand at least feels much more robust than most typical stands of the same size.

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Iddo Genuth
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