A (Very) Drunk Hands on Test of the DJI Ronin M Gimbal

Our colleagues Lee Morris and Patrick Hall from Fstoppers recently decided to take the DJI Ronin M for a very unconventional type of test bringing the electronic gimbal to its limit as well as their drinking skills.

The DJI Ronin M is the smaller and (much) cheaper version of the DJI Ronin (which photographer Darren Miles had a chance to test a few months back on this video).

Looking at this fun review we learned that the DJI Ronin M is extremely capable yet sensitive gimbal which requires calibration once in a while and always needs to be put down on the ground/table with its special stand. To be honest we are still in the lost as to why no manufacturer was able to come up with a solution for this calibration issue that will auto calibrate the unit on its own without the need for manual calibration each time something changes – we are sure that the first manufacturer to do this successfully will have a winner on its hands.

The rest of the review is a series of tests, some funny and some a bit more serious to show the gimbal versus hand-holding a camera (which to be honest should not really surprise you). all done in different levels of sobriety.

If you are sober enough to work with the DJI Ronin M, you can get one for under $1400 on Amazon.

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Iddo Genuth
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