Accsoon CineEYE: Wireless HDMI that Works on your Smartphone

There are quite a few wireless HDMI units on the market. Broadly speaking you can divide them into expensive (some are actually very expensive) that work and cheap ones that are typically unreliable. The new Accsoon CineEYE tries to be an inexpensive unit that you can actually trust and it brings the bonus of working with mobile devices.

If you want a small unit that can transmit a Full HD signal to your smart device (iOS or Android) to be used as a remote monitor with some of the main functionalities of a monitor – the Accsoon CineEYE might be your answer.

The CineEye connects to your camera using its single HDMI port, it accepts 1080p/720p 60/30/24 fps video signals and sends out a Full HD 1080p 30fps live stream signal.

Officially it can send Wireless transmission with the ultra-low power consumption support up to 100 meters or about 300 feet (in practice in line of sight outdoors with not too many WIFI signals it can reach about 80m from some of the testings that we have seen – which is nice, but it really depends on the situation). The unit will automatically find a clean channel before the transmission starts, alternatively, you can manually select channels (out of 9) 5G channels.

The unit is made from Aluminum, has 4 hours battery life, USB Type-C port for charging (it can charge and work so you can connect it to a USB battery while you work – we will have an interesting review on this exact topic very soon).

One of the most interesting features of this monitor is its ability to transmit simultaneously to 4 different devices at the same time – this can be useful if a director, photographer and a client want to view the video at the same time.

The CineEye appĀ  supports garyscale, RGB, monochrome, false color, focus peaking, zebras, safe mark, as well as custom 3D Luts(.cube format) and you can even do a recording (in low res) to the smartphone.

Pricing is going to play a big factor here – this unit cost only $220 – significantly lower than many of the offerings in the category.

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