Audio Technica AT2005USB – Starter Microphone for Voice-Over Review

On this video, photographer Curtis Judd takes the inexpensive little Audio Technica AT2005USB michrophone for a spin to see if you can get decent sound for Voice-Over for under $50.

If you are shooting video and require a mic for recording  voice-over, narration, or screencasts and are looking for an affordable microphone to capture your audio, the Audio Technica AT2005 USB may be a good option.

According to Judd this mic is incredibly versatile as can record directly to your computer via the included USB cable or use a field recorder with the included XLR cable. The mic is a cardioid dynamic microphone which means you have to work pretty close to it. On the plus side the mic does a good job rejecting most room echo.

For $50 on Amazon this can be a decent starter microphone and the ability to record both the the computer and to an external recorder is a very welcome bonus.

On LensVid we have a very extensive section devoted to sound recording for video productions which covers both equipment and techniques here on LensVid.