BroomCam – DIY Super Low Angle Camera

What do you do with your broom? clean your house? wrong! there is a better use for this low cost useful invention – you can now use it to create high quality low angle shots – like the one you see in the above video.

The guys from  PutchLabs created something they call BroomCam – they used a TV Logic monitor, a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema camera, and a Veydra 12mm cinema lens all attached to a wide broom and followed a group of people to create this interesting low angle shot.

Yes, you can probably do it with a dolly as well, but who needs a dolly when you have a broom, plus the floors never looked so clean after a shoot!

If you are into DIY related photography projects we have just recently published two videos – one on how we created an overhead camera rig using off the shelf components and the second, more recent one deals with how we created our own DIY video rig/cage we use for shooting here on LensVid.

You can check out many more photography related DIY projects on our dedicated subsection here on LensVid.

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