Canon 101: Using Fisheye Lenses

On this basic video tutorial by Canon, photographer Matt Kloskowski takes a look at fisheye lenses.

On this short video Kloskowski talks primarily about the EF 8-15mm f/4L (around $1500 on Amazon), but there are many more fisheye lenses around and much more to do with them than is suggested in this short video.

Fisheye lenses gives us a lot of different creative options. Although we tend to think of them as ultra wide lenses (they have 180º field of view) with a strong inherent distortion – you can actually capture images with fisheye lenses that looks very natural and undistorted  – the following extensive lecture gives some very useful tips, techniques and ideas.

A more in-depth look at fisheye lenses – a lecture by well know wedding photographer Gene Ho at B&H


Gene Ho has some very interesting (and sometimes counter intuitive ways of using fisheye lenses (such as using two cameras with fisheye lenses at the same time – with two hands), however looking at some the images he creates – you can really see how you can use fisheyes in a different way without distorting the image (the trick is to have your subject in the center of the frame).

These videos are part of Canon’s EOS 101 basic tutorial series which you can view as it is updated here on LensVid.

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