Canon Does Animation – The Science Behind 4K Optics

Canon recently published a short promotional video talking about some of the technology and science that goes into making high quality 4K capable lenses for videographers.

With the recent introduction of the new XC10 4K capable camera but more importantly the new C300 Mark II and expending line of Cine lenses, 4K is becoming ever more important to Canon. On this video you can see (using some cute animation) what Canon sees as essential to creating a 4K capable lens (let’s put this on the table right now – you can shoot 4K with more or less any lens – what Canon is talking about is a lens that will actually be able to take full or close to a full potential of the resolution of the sensor).

Bonus video: a look at the C300 Mark II functions/features

YouTube Preview Image

Part two – a look at the C300 Mark II camera body

YouTube Preview Image

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