Canon EOS M3 Hands-On Review

On this review of the new EOS M3 Chris Niccolls and Jordan Drake from the Camera Store in Canada test out the latest Canon mirrorless camera and get back with some interesting insights.

Initially the EOS M seems promising – the design is very good and the new grip is excellent as well as the dials and general control of the camera, the touch screen and the menus are also good and the image quality with the 24MP sensor looks pretty good straight of the camera.

However here is where things start to go wrong. The Canon EOS M line has only about 4 dedicated lenses which is a very small selection to choose from and although you can get an adapter and use any one of the many (many) Canon EF/EF-S lenses that Canon offers – most of them are very bulky sitting on the EOS M (plus the adapter). So to Niccolls (and to us to be honest), Canon still has a long way to go if it really wants to develop the EOS M line.

There are other drawbacks – the AF speed – the biggest single issue with the original EOS M is till lagging behind (although slightly improved since the first gen of the camera) and the general operation still seems a bit leggy with a small buffer. Finally the camera doesn’t have very impressive video capabilities and the EVF is external and cost money.

All in all it seems that Niccolls feels that there are simply better options on the market right now for people looking for a good mirrorless camera.

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