Canon Talks Tripod Systems for Video Shooting

On this Canon video Jem Schofield talks to cinematographer Matt Porwoll on the subject of tripod and tripod heads for videography work. 

Understanding the basic concepts of using tripods for video work is important as this is one of the most commonly used tools in video work of all kinds. On the video Porwoll explores the features and functions of tripods and tripod heads (in particular fluid heads). He also explains how to properly balance the camera and to set the pan and drag function of the head for different kind of shots.

What is missing from this video are more specific recommendations and a look at the differences between various tripods and heads. A little bit of info in this direction can be found on Tony Northrup’s video “How to Choose Your Tripod?” (although it touches more on stills oriented tripods and heads).

More guides and comparisons of photographic gear can be found on our photography gear guides – here on LensVid.

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