New: DitoGear BD Robotic Slider

Polish start up  DitoGear recently introduced the DitoGear BD Robotic Slider – an entry-level motion-controlled slider with lots of precision and features at a relatively low price (around $750).

The DitoGear BD Slider is easy to setup and is also very portable and lightweight – just under 3.5kg full kit (4.5 including a lithium-ion battery). The unit can be configured as 1-axis system or multi-axis system when you add the OmniHead or any 3rd party pan/tilt head. The slider can run as a motion-controlled unit or as a traditional, plain dolly pushed by hand.

The BD Slider is available in three lengths: 0.6m / 1.0m / 1.5m where the shortest option is designed to fit the carry-on luggage. You can order it with either robust steel or lightweight carbon fiber tracks and there will be two types of controllers to choose from.

You can find out more info (and order one) through the DitoGear website.