DIY Build: Sony a6300 Headphone Jack and External Battery Power

On this extensive DIY build  videographer Caleb Pike from DSLR Video Shooter demonstrates how he created an interesting accessory for his Sony A6300 that provides a much more powerful external battery as well as an output mic jack.

The A6300 is a great camera (check out this review we published here for example), however like most other Sony cameras it has a pretty poor battery life. On this build Pike decided to create an external unit that can power the camera (there are actually quite a few of those you can buy – we tested a similar device by IndiPRO Tools which has versions for Sony as well here recently). He also added the option to connect an external monitor and headphones which you can’t really do with the A6300 normally (and yes there is a problem – the minute you connect a HDMI and cable and start recording video – the image on the screen disappears although it continues to record – so this is good if you have an external monitor but otherwise – not so much).

Here is the list of parts Pike provided on his blog including links:

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