Volta 2.0 – The Ultimate Power Handle This can "handle" all your power needs

U.K.-based Volta Cinema recently announced a new and revised battery handle with more connections, more charging options, and a lot of modularity.

A year ago Volta Cinema released the original version of its power handle and the new 2.0 version currently raising money on Indiegogo brings to the table some important improvements based on user feedback.

Volta 2.0 Main features

Just like the original Volta, the new powered handle uses 36Wh/5A batteries and an external casing made of aircraft-grade 7075 Aluminium.

The changes to the 2.0 version begin with the connections. You now have 3 different power outputs including a dual D-Tap (7.2V) as well as a single USB-C 5V/3A port. The area where the power outputs are located is now angled (which we assume should help prevent cables from interfering with one another.

Talking to Volta Cinema we also learned that there will be 3 rubber grips cutouts that are user replaceable ( Volta Cinema mentioned that they expect that some users will customize it to their liking as well and we can certainly see 3d printed grips for those who like those types of modding).

The grip itself can have a 15mm rod mount (for those who want to add accessories such as monitors, EVFs, or microphones). Another interesting new feature is the option to choose either NATO rail or cold shoe as the connector type which should help you fit the handle to more types of cameras and rigs.

With the Volta 2.0 you also get the option to use dummy batteries (six types which include Sony NP-F/FW50/FZ100 as well as Canon LP-E6, Panasonic DMW-BLF19, and SIGMA BP-51). What’s even nicer is that you can get 3 different cable lengths – 15cm / 30 cm and 45 cm to fit the rig/camera that you are using.

If all of this isn’t enough there is a new charger (the original Volta got some complaints about the charging and in this version, the company went back to the drawing board and developed something completely new). This new charger is USB-C compatible (the original charger used micro USB) and should be able to charge a pair of batteries in 2 hours or so.

Different power connectors

If you have several chargers you can stack them and only use one charging cable (up to 8 units) – pretty cool. One extra nice bonus – you can even use the Snapcharger as a wireless charging station for your smartphone. One final extra nice feature – the charger has a v-mount connector so with two batteries inside you can use it as a compact 72Wh v-mount battery.

Using the charger as a v-mount battery


The Volta 2.0 is currently raising money on indiegogo and is offered starting at around 80 pounds (about $110) and should begin delivering to customers around July 2021.

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