DIY: How To Make A Simple Photography Backdrop or Reflector

In this quick DIY video, photographer Tiffany Angeles demonstrates how to create your own reflector stands using Polystyrene (styrofoam) boards found at your local big box hardware store and reflectors for use in your photo studio.

Materials required:
(1) Polystyrene board (1.5″ thick x 8′ tall x 4′ wide)
(2) 8″ x 10″ shelf brackets
(2) 2×4’s cut to 18″ each
(2-6) long screws (at least 1.5″) with accompanying nut to connect the brackets to polystyrene board
(8-12) 1/2″ screws to screw the shelf brackets into the base

Tools required:
Drill (to drill pilot holes and small screws into the 2×4’s)
Hand saw or table saw (to cut the 2×4’s)

Total cost for this project according to Angeles will be around $30.

You can also check out many more interesting DIY photography projects here on LensVid.

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