Edelkrone – SliderPlus PRO – Smart Slider Goes Proffesional

Innovative Turkish manufacturer Edelkrone recently released a new, professional version of its successful SliderPLUS camera slider which can  travel twice it’s own length. The new version can carry significantly more weight and has a new top plate for larger cameras (hence the “PRO” in the name).

Larger payloads – SliderPlus PRO

Edelkrone – SliderPlus PRO-2

The new SliderPLUS PRO comes in 3 different sizes: Medium, Large and XLarge versions with respective camera travel of 50cm (1.6ft) and 14kg 22lb weight capacity, 70cm (2.3ft) and 12kg 26lb weight capacity and 90cm (2.9ft) with a 10kg 30lb weight capacity.

The SliderPlus PRO can travel twice it’s own length

SliderPlus PRO-gif

The SliderPLUS PRO both trays are adjustable so you have maximum control over the minimal play on the rails.

As for prices (the product should be available in a few weeks from the Edelkrone web store):

  • Slider Plus Pro Medium: $799.
  • Slider Plus Pro Large: $899.
  • Slider Pro Plus Extra Large: $999.

Edelkrone also has a few extra accessories which are no less interesting than the slider itself and fit the SliderPlus and SliderPlus PRO including a Target Module for tracking a subject while you move your camera on a slider (not an easy task – ask anybody who tried to do this smoothly) and a Wizard Motion Controller which is essentially a smart motor with some very interesting features.

A look at the very interesting Target Module for the SliderPlus (and SliderPlus Pro)


Another SliderPlus accesory – the Wizard Motion Controller


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