First Look: edelkrone Controller A new physical controller for all of edelkrone's recent motion control products

Turkish manufacturer edelkrone has a long list of innovative products which are all controlled by the company’s app. This can be convenient and very powerful, however, apps take time to load, can have connection issues or compatibility issues with some devices, and can never be as quick as a physical remote which is exactly what the company had released today.

The new edelkrone Controller is made of aluminum, uses dual AAA batteries and BT connection and has a 4.5 hours battery life (so you better use good quality rechargeable batteries – it would have been nice if there was a way to recharge the batteries in the remote itself, luckily you can turn off the remote so you can use it and turn it off when not in use).

As far as compatibility the remote is able to control all of the company’s existing line including the Slide Module v2, JibONE, SliderONE v2, SliderONE PRO v2, HeadONE, HeadPLUS *, HeadPLUS PRO *, DollyONE, DollyPLUS, DollyPLUS PRO * (with or without Focus Module). As you can see the older (ver 1) of edelkrone’s products are not supported.

The controller should be able to perform many of the basic functionalities of the different edelkrone motion control units including sliding left or right and repeating motion or setting up several motions together (when using a head as well as a slider or jib). Please note that for more complex functionalities you will still need the app – but for most day-to-day tasks the remote should be all you need.

edelkrone is preparing more features for the controller that will be available in the future via a firmware update including what seems to be movement head control using a built-in gyroscope which can be very cool.

As for pricing, the edelkrone Controller currently sells for $130.

Nino from Cinema5D had a chance to talk to edelkrone just before the official announcement of the edelkrone Controller

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