Filters for Video Part II: Matte Boxes and Lens Filtration Accessories

On this video (the second part of a series), photographer and videographer Caleb Pike from DSLR Video Shooter takes a look at filters and filtration systems and in particular on matte boxes and Lens filtration accessories.

Pike starts by explaining how to attach Matte Boxes into your lens – either directly on the lens or using rods or both. Next he looks at 3 different Matte Boxes at 3 different price ranges:

There are all sorts of things that you learn when using different configurations of lenses and matte boxes – for example lenses which have zoom that extends do not work all that good with a rod based system. There are also tons of adapters and accessories that you can use and Pike seems to have quite a bit of experience playing  with many of them and it is a good idea to check his site for details of some of the other accessories he talks about.

A Genustech Matte Box on a Sony video camera


If you missed the first episode in this series which is (and extensive) general guide to different filters for video work – make sure you check it out here.

we have looked at filters for video work. Earlier this year we published Canon’s video on the subject entitled: “Canon Talks Filters for Shooting Video” which also provides a very decent background for beginners. We have also covered different types of filters including HD Variable Neutral Density Filter by Fader,using filters for shooting waterfallsFotodiox WonderPana FreeArc filters for Wide-Angle LensesHow to Use ND Grads: a Step by Step Guide and more.

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