First Look at the Kupo Click Light Stands

Taiwan based studio accessory manufacturer Kupo, recently unveiled two series of unique light stands with special interlocking mechanism which allows you to carry them in different configurations.

Carrying light stands (especially many of them at the same time) has always been a haste, but now Kupo came up with a very interesting and unique way of connecting them together so you can take several of them together by connecting them securely as you can see in the video.

There are currently two versions of the new Click Stands as they are called a 7 and an 8 foot long ones. Here is how the company describes their properties:

  • Bi-color injection knobs offer a positive locking and ergonomic grip. Quick release clamp design on the central column for easy setup.
  • Equipped with a 5/8″ top stud with a 3/8″ threaded, plus a removable 1/4″-20 threaded top.
  • Double leg struts for extra stability and strength.
  • Many units can stand alone when folded and connected.

According to Kupo: “The unique four-way interlocking design provides no boundary of having stands put together and keeping your kits well organized when they are closed for storage or transport”.

The Click Stands are made from lightweight aluminum alloy and have a very compact size (27.9 inches/71 cm long when folded and only 2.4 lbs/1.09 kg in weight). They are air-cushioned to prevent lighting fixture from slamming down when the locking knob is not tightened properly and  you can strap several of them together for even easier transporting on your shoulder.

As for pricing – a single 7′ Mini Click Light Stand will cost you $70 and the longer version (8 foot) will cost $77.

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