First Look at the Manfrotto Nitrotech System 2’nd Generation

NAB 2019 is almost over but there are still so many interesting new products worth covering and the new generation Nitro-Tech fluid head from Manfrotto is certainly one o them. Our colleague Johnnie from Cinema 5D had a chat with Manfrotto representative

Last year we saw the first generation Nitrotech heads with the new set of tripods Manfrotto announced and now we have a second generation heads as well. The new Nitrotech 608 and Nitrotech 612 will be replacing the existing N8/N12 heads and they bring a number of important improvements.

The new heads have new fluid that is meant to allow for smoother movement of the head as well as a redesigned ergonomic counterbalance system knob and lock. There are also rubber covers on the knobs for enhanced grip. There is also support for Arri accessories as well as Manfrotto’s and the new fluid allows for better working in colder temperatures.

As with before, there are half ball adapters in various sizes available for use with compatible tripods. The new Nitrotech 608 support loads between 0kg and 8kg (or 0lbs and 17.6lbs) and the bigger Nitrotech 612 will support 4kg to 12kg (8.8lbs and 26.4lbs).

As for pricing, the Nitrotech 608 will sell for $450 and the larger 612 will sell for $630 (see pre-orders on B&H here).

We hope that we will get a chance to test the Nitrotech 608 later this year when it becomes available and for the time being, we shall continue with our NAB 2019 coverage so stay tuned!

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