First Look at the Nebula 4200 Gimbal With 5-Axis Stabilisation System

Chinese manufacturer FilmPower recently unveiled its next generation motorized gimbal – the Nebula 4200. This unit is actually made out of two separate stabilizing units which together can stabilize your camera at the full 5 axis.

The Nebula 4200 is the newer brother to the original Nebula 4000 which was a successful motorized gimbal just a year or two ago although now new and improved gimbals from other manufacturers have taken its place (such as the CAME-Single 3 Axis Gimbal and the PilotFly H1 we looked at here). The Nebula 4200 is FilmPower attempt to get back in the game and bring something innovative – where all other gimbals have 3 axis support – this new one has 5 and it is modular.

The idea is pretty simple – the Nebula 4200 is a 3 axis gimbal which you can mount onto a pair of mechanical stabilising arms which stabilise the vertical and horizontal movement of the the gimbal – thus creating a 5 axis gimbal – if you need it (otherwise you can just use the 3 axis unit).

The Nebula 4200, like most of the other current generation of motorized gimbals uses a 32-bit controller, a tool-less adjustment and is capable of controlling a pretty serious payload (camera/lens) of up to 1.6kg (3.5lbs) – which is more than most similar gimbals and good for many DSLRs and mirrorless cameras.

As for pricing, The 5-axis version will cost just under $1000, while the 3-axis double handle is $899 and the 3-axis Lite version is $799 (see images below). You can check out more info on the FilmPower website.

The short video above taken at IBC 2015 by the guys from newsshooter shows a pre-production version of the Nebula 4200 in action.

Nebula 4200 versions

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