Low Budget Stabilized Gimbal Comparison

The good people from cheesycam recently published a comparison video looking at 3 (relatively) low cost 3-Axis gimbals – the new CAME-Single 3 Axis Gimbal Camera 32bit, the PilotFly H1, and older Nebula 4000 – all under $1000.

Stabilized gimbals have been coming down in price and improving significantly in performance and ease of operation in the last couple of years. From very complex, expensive units which are mostly designed for professional applications, we can now see a large number of smaller units – some so small they can only be used with smartphones and compact cameras. The units in this comparison are somewhat larger (but still small and lightweight) and are designed for use with mirrorless cameras (although the CAME-Single should work with a medium size DLSR with a small lens).

This is a long video which go through the entire process of assembling and calibrating the units (mostly the CAME-Single and PilotFly H1 as the Nebula 4000 seems to be a bit outdated now).

So what is the bottom line? well, from the looks of it – and we have yet to try and of the gimbals – although this is something that we will be looking into, the CAME-Single seems easier to set up, is more advanced and has longer lasting batteries and can carry more gear, but on the down side it does not have BT, it can be used upside-down and with its box is much bigger to carry around (it is also a bit heavier). So as with many other accessories – it is really up to what your needs are in this case (You can also read some of of the cheesycam guys comments here).

As for pricing:

  • CAME-Single 3 Axis Gimbal Camera 32bit: under $1000.
  • PilotFly H1: under $715.
  • Nebula 4000: under $700.
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