First Look at the Zoom F8 Field Recorder

During NAB 2015, Zoom showcased for the first time a prototype of its upcoming F8 8-channel portable field recorder and Rob Rives from B&H takes a look.

Currently there is not a lot of technical details (this is just a first quick demo and the unit isn’t ready for the market – yet), however it does seem to be a very capable unit. It includes besides the 8 XLRs a zoom interchangeable mic capsules connection in the back so you will be able to use those Zoom mics if you have them. On the front there is a color display which according to Zoom should work well in sunlight.

The unit looks externally pretty similar to the DR-70D from Taskcam that we have been using for some time now, although the Zoom F8 has 8 channels (and 8 XLR inputs) instead of 4 and more professional options such as time-code. It will possibly have better battery life with 8 AA batteries (the DR-70D has 4 which is not enough for longer recordings from our experience). We also know that it has dual SD cards for immediate backup which is going to be useful.

Currently there is no pricing and availability is set to late 2015.

Bonus video – Zoom Q8 1080p mini video camera and Zoom F8 look from NAB 2015


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