Zoom M3 MicTrak Advanced On-Camera Microphone/Recorder: First Look The one mic that does it all

Earlier today Zoom introduced a new advanced on-camera advanced microphone/recorder unit with 4-channel two types of polar patterns to choose from and a headphone monitoring connection called the Zoom M3 MicTrak.

Multi-function Advanced On-Camera Microphone/Recorder

So what can the Zoom M3 MicTrak do that other on-camera mic can’t? Let’s start with what it is. the MicTrak is a 4-channel, camera-mounted, shotgun microphone with an integrated recorder, that includes two internal shotgun mics with polar patterns that can switch between hyper-focused supercardioid (90°) and bidirectional (180°) modes for recording both the front and back (talent and photographer for example).

The new Zoom M3 MicTrak Advanced On-Camera Microphone/Recorder

Zoom M3 MicTrak

The MicTrak has dual AD converter circuits and can capture audio in 48 kHz / 32-bit float which means that unlike basically any other on-camera mic you can completely forget about clipping with this one as you can fix any issue with too much gain in post. This also means that there is no need to set the gain on the mic/recorder.

Two other features which can be very useful (especially for cameras that lack them) are the 3.5mm headphone out and 3.5mm line out connections which lets you monitor your recording in real-time. The recorder uses a small microSD card (a limitation based on the size of the mic (we would actually prefer a built-in memory but that is a personal preference).

By connecting the mic to the camera you can create a dual recording with one made to the microSD and the second to the camera itself. There is also a zoom software that helps you process the recording in some basic forms (including playing with the stereo options).

In terms of power, the mic/recorder uses a single AA battery but you can also power it via USB-C (you can also get an optional Zoom AD-17 AC adapter). On the top, you have a number of controlling buttons including the record (in red).

The top of the unit with a record, play/stop, on/off, and low and high cut filter

Zoom M3 MicTrak-top

The Zoom M3 MicTrak Stereo Shotgun Microphone and Recorder is now available to pre-order for $199 USD and it should start shipping early in the new year.

Pricing and availability

When it comes to pricing Zoom currently sells for $200 and it should start shipping early in 2023.

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