First Look at the Zoom H4n Pro Recorder

Zoom recently introduced a new, refreshed version of its highly popular H4n sound recorder called the H4 Pro. The new recorder has some updated features and design and is already available for purchase.

The H4n was a huge success for zoom and at the time (released back in 2009) it was one of a very small number of portable recorder of its type on the market. Since than the market changed considerably and there are quite a few products these days in the portable recorder category by companies such as Tascam, Zoom itself and others.

While the original H4n (there was actually an older H4 version before that) was certainly great value for 2009 – you would probably ask yourself what changed in the 2016 version and the answer will be quite a few things as Rob Rives from B&H shows in the video above.

The construction is beefier, the screen is better, the pre-amps has been upgraded, the unit can also function as a 2 way input/output USB audio interface for PC or Mac which is cool. Battery life should be similar (with 2xAA batteries lasting up to 6 hours) but the XLRs or the bottom of the unit are now locking (which did not happen with the older version). Another addition – the headphone jack can  double as a line output for sending audio directly to your camera if you don’t want to mess with sync in post.

These are just part of the features of the new H4n Pro – you can find more on Zoom’s website.

Front and back – the new H4n Pro with some improved exterior rubber


As for pricing – the new Zoom H4n PRO is currently selling for $320.

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