Genus END Electronic ND Filter for Sony a7S

This video, shot by the guys at Newsshooter from the BVE 2016 show has  videographer Dan Chung taking a look at an advance prototype of a very special device – an Electronic Neutral Density filter by Genus tech that both converts Canon EOS-mount lenses to Sony E-mount and adds an electronic ND filter that can provide three to eight stops of filtration.

The Genus END Electronic ND filter isn’t ready yet and although we did see a glimpse of it last year (with an early prototype – the unit is under development for the past 3 years actually), this time around it seems like we are talking about a more backed product and Genus promised that the full commercial ready version will be available during NAB 2016.

Although we don’t have detailed specs – yet, the concept is extremely interesting. What you have here is basically an adapter – in this case Canon EF-Sony E mount which can change aperture/focus but also adds a built in ND filter which is fully digital (nothing like this exist as far as we know). An added bonus – all this can be controlled with a remote and it is powered by the camera itself (the controlling unit probably does have batteries).

This type of technology (which already has some patents) is very interesting and we can’t wait to see how it performs in the field and maybe see more versions for other mounts.

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Iddo Genuth
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