Just Introduced: Godox M600D Daylight 600W COB LED (and FLS8/10 Fresnels) A new 600W high power COB LED option at a more affordable price

After lots of rumors, it is finally here. The new Godox M600D daylight 600W COB light. This will be Godox’s most powerful LED to date and together with the new 8″ and 10″ Fresnels it will bring a more affordable high power focusable daylight to professional video shooters and filmmakers.

Godox has been on a roll recently with the introduction of several advanced products including its professional Bowens Spotlight Attachment, Parabolic Light Focusing System, and several new high power strobe systems (one of which we shall review early next year).

The new powerful Godox M600D COB

The new powerful Godox M600D COB

Godox M600D features

The M600D takes Godox to the next level in terms of powerful COBs. So far the company’s most powerful COB was the VL300, but with the new light, this is more than doubled. So what exactly do you get with the M600D? here are some of the main features:

  • Up to 15,700lux at 3m with the included reflector and up to 46,400lux at 3m with the new optional 10″ Fresnels (FLS10).
  • Dimming adjustable in 0.1 and up to 10% increments.
  • Bowens S-mount compatible.
  • Special effect modes (broken bulb, flash, lightning, and TV).
  • Dimming curves for Linear, S-curve, Exp, and Log.
  • Advanced low noise cooling system (mute mode for silent operation at reduced power).
  • Support for AC and DC power supplies (100-240) and V-mount (26V battery) option on the controller.
  • Clamp light stand holder for the controller.
  • App control and support for the RC-A6 remote. DMX 512 support.
  • 740W max draw.
  • 96 CRI and 97 TLCI.
  • 2.4″ display.

The Godox M600D controller screen


The two new 8″ and 10″ Fresnels released alongside the M600D are also interesting. According to Godox they amplify the light up to 19 times and can zoom the light from 10-40 degrees (FLS8) or 10-35 degrees (FLS10). They work with optional barn doors (LB-01/2), weight 2-3KG (depending on the model), and come in a case.

An official Godox demo video showing the new M600D in action

YouTube player

Pricing and availability

The M600D should be available soon on B&H for $1500 (as part of a kit with a bag, cables, and the reflector) and you can purchase the FLS8 or FLS10 for around $160 and $200 respectively with the barn doors for an extra $100.

The M600D with the FLS10 fresnel


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