A Look at the Godox Silent COB UL150 & Quiet SL150W II A new silent 150W COB from Godox

In this video, Gerald Undone looks at three COB LEDs by Godox and explores the new trend of quiet and silent COBs which the company started and we find it to be extremely compelling.

We have been testing COBs by different manufacturers for years now. In the past, we had a completely silent COB made by Ledgo but it was only 60W so the output that it produced was not high enough for many uses. Now Godox had come up with a new silent COB (and another one which is very low noise) but with a much higher output (both are 150W lights with around 6000 Lux from 1m bare).

The new Godox UL150 is possibly the most interesting of the two new lights. It is large although not very heavy and it has a very big internal heatsink to be able to cool it without negatively affecting the light. Actually, in Undone’s testings, this light performed better than the other lights with the fans in terms of color accuracy which is very impressive (it also was more powerful but with a very small margin). If you are shooting A-roll with your lights or anything that requires a quiet environment to shoot in – the UL150 is the way to go.

The SL150W II looks like a nice improvement to the older generation with a dedicated button that allows you to make the light silent although it won’t be able to do this at full power, unlike the UL150. Both these lights can be powered via a V-mount battery.

As for pricing, the silent Godox UL15 currently sells for $439 while the SL150W II sells for only $340.

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Iddo Genuth
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