Godox S30 Spotlight / Effects Light – Hands On

Godox has recently released the S30 spotlight LED light. This small and relatively portable unit has a number of interesting attachments which can make it an ideal light for effects but also for certain types of product shots. Tommy Callaway had a chance to play with the S30 and some of its accessories and has some interesting thoughts to share.

The S30 is one of Godox’s least powerful lights but it is actually more expensive than their popular SL 60 LED (which is twice as powerful). So whats was Godox trying to do here? The answer is that it created a pretty unique, relatively low-cost ecosystem for using effects light with accessories such as projection lenses, gobos, irises, and other useful little add ons.

The only similar system that we know of is made by Dedolight and is far more expensive (an 85mm projection attachment alone cost $400 and an Iris almost $200 not to mention the lights themselves).

The S30 on its own is a very nice small light, it is only 30W so we are not talking anything even remotely powerful enough for a real main light, although you do have an option to focus the light (and of course if you are looking for a super hard light) but it is enough for shooting smaller objects for product shots and possibly as an accent light or even hair light). Color quality as measured by Callaway was very good (97 CRI and TLCI) and you have plenty of power options including AC, L-mount batteries or even USB although those last two will reduce the output by half or more so they are not that practical.

The big plus here is really the accessories – you have 3 different optional lenses (60mm/85mm/150mm), different (mostly strange) gobos, gels, bard doors, iris light cutters, and even tiny softboxes.

Bonus video: Photographer Robert Hall also got the same light and accessory and has some similar thoughts

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Pricing is far more accessible than the Dedolight – a single S30 light with barn doors will cost you $250 (with more options here) and you can even get a kit with 3 lights, stands and many of the accessories for under $1200 (a bargain if you consider the price of a single Dedolight light).

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