Hawk Wood’s Mini V – World’s Smallest V-Lock Batteries

IBC 2017 is currently ongoing in Amsterdam and U.K. manufacturer Hawk Wood just introduced the world’s smallest V-Lock batteries which are significantly smaller than any existing similar battery but still provide 100Wh or 150Wh and are both considered flight safe.

On the video above Matthew Allard from newsshooter.com talks to Jason from Hawk Wood about these new batteries which should become available in the next few weeks.

Compared to existing V-mount batteries these Mini V-lok (there isn’t a missing “c” here they are actually called mini V-lok) are small – very small – 10cm tall by 7 cm wide and 3.4 cm in depth (the 150Wh) version is thicker at 6.3cm in depth but otherwise has the same dimensions).

The batteries are also very light – 500g and 607 grams respectively (most V-mount batteries are over 1KG. We would expect these batteries to be less powerful than full-size modern ones BUT in many situations size can be more important than capacity – especially when traveling and having to take gear on flights.

Another neat accessory that you can buy with these batteries is called VL-MCF1 – this adaptor will allow you to hot-swap your mini V-Lok batteries, it has an intelligent LED system to determine battery status and a 2x Power-con outputs (the 150Wh battery also has a D-tap but the smaller 100Wh does not).

As for pricing, in the U.K. we are looking at 245 pounds for the 100Wh version and the larger 15-Wh battery will cost 365 pounds, finally, 235 pounds will get you the VL-MCF1 adaptor.

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