KONOVA Tripod Stability Arm for Sliders

KONOVA just came up with a simple yet super practical solution to a problem many photographers face when using a slider with a single tripod – how to make sure it is stable all across the rail.

Actually, the solution – called Stability Arm by KONOVA is very simple (we are kind of surprised no one came out with it so far). It is basically a flexible arm that you can connect to one of the legs of your tripod and the bottom of your slider to make it much more robust.

The ingenious part of the Stability Arm is the ability to work even when you move the slider forwards or backward (see the video for a demo). Theoretically, you should be able to adapt this solution to non-KONOVA sliders with 1/4-20 or 3/8 mounting options at the head and tail but we can’t be 100% sure that it will work unless we actually try it in action.

The advantage of this solution is clear – if it can make your slider as stable as a two tripod/light stand solution – you can save the money or at least the room/weight of a second tripod instead of taking it with you wherever you go – something that can be a real hassle – especially on location.

As for pricing, the Stability Arm directly will set you back $90 – not too much if it can save you the cost and weight of an extra tripod.

Update – according to this video from Newsshooter at NAB 2015 – the Tripod Stability Arm should work with most slider/tripods

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