Ledgo Altitude Tube Lights at IBC 2019

Chinese manufacturer Ledgo has revealed their new range of Altitude Tube Lights at IBC 2019 earlier this week. In the video above from the show Erik Naso from Newsshooter was given a demo of this new tube light RGB series and some of its features.

The Altitude Tube Light from Ledgo utilizes a slightly wider than normal T14 sized tube that gives a broader more diffused light array.

Ledgo tells us that the tube gives a color temperature range of between 2700K and 7500K and a high CRI of 98 with an output of between 4000-5000lux at 1m/3.3ft.

Power-wise the Altitude tube light draws 80W of power (there are also a 120W and 180W versions) and can run on different power sources including V-mount and AC. Using a V-mount 26v battery will give approximately five hours of continuous use (with the 80w version), while a 14.4v battery will give around an hour of continuous usage.

The light has an RGB mode which offers the user access to custom color arrays as well as all sorts of different effects.

The Tube Light offers the facility to dim the power and adjust the color output, using controls on the side of the Altitude.

In addition to the on-body controls, there is also a breakaway cable for DMX located at the top of the unit which allows you to make adjustments via console or you can access the controls wirelessly via 2.4Ghz WIFI.

The new Ledgo Altitude Tube Light (with DMX connectors)

The Altitude Light Tube uses a unique transparent mount which doesn’t impede the light and a small form factor that makes it a discrete system and perfect for small spaces.

The Ledgo Altitude Tube Lights are shipping to stores now and expect them to be available for purchase by early October, with more availability towards the middle of the month.

Pricing depends on the length of the unit (and power) are set at 34.6” for $508 US, 50.4” for $730 US and 70” for $1,040 US. (more info on the Ledgo website).

We have reviewed one of Ledgo’s lights previously, the Ledgo LG-D600 LED Fresnel Light 5600K, which you can find here.

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