Lensbaby Velvet 56 First Hands On

Earlier today Lensbaby introduced a new special effects lens called Velvet 56. This fast manual prime lens which produces what Lensbaby calls soft, “glowing” effect when used wide open.

Special effects lenses have been more popular in the past when post processing was not as common (or as simple/sophisticated) as it is these days, however there are still photographers (and videographers) who like to create as much as they possibly can in-camera and here comes Lensbaby with a line of specialized lenses which creates different effects.

The new Lensbaby Velvet 56


The new Velvet 56 can be used for creating unique soft images when used wide open or as more or less a normal prime lens when used stopped down. Anthony Thurston from slrlounge did a quick hands on with the new lens (see above). Here are some specs:

  • Focal length – 56mm.
  • Aperture – f/1.6.
  • Mounts – Canon, Nikon, Sony A, and Pentax (more mounts to come in May).
  • Max magnification – 1:2.
  • Min focus distance – 5 inches (13cm).
  • Filter – 62mm.
  • Focus – manual.
  • Construction – metal (with focus and aperture rings).
  • Price – $500 (silver version – $600).

Official Lensbaby video showing the Velvet 56


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