Lensbaby Has a Circular 180+ Fisheye Lens for GoPro Hero Cameras

Lensbaby just announced a new additions its lens lineup – the Circular 180+ lens for use with GoPro Hero cameras.

This is the first lens Lensbaby is making for action cameras after focusing for many years on DSLRs for the most part and to push it forward the company is launching a Kickstarter campaign.

If you always wanted a fisheye on your GoPro camera to be used on and in the water Lensbaby has just the solution you have been waiting for –  the Circular 180+ Fisheye Lens for GoPro Hero Cameras. Now as the name implies – this is a circular fisheye so you will be getting a lot of black around your image (which you can remove in stills but usually not in video).

The Circular 180+ Fisheye Lens is currently available on Kickstarter starting at $69.

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