Learning over 20 Couples Poses in Under 10 Min

In this video, Pye Jirsa from slrlounge gives a long list of useful examples that any wedding photographer can use to capture beautiful and fun pictures of the couples before a wedding.

The very basic poses are very simple and also pretty easy to learn and memorize. Start with both the bride and groom looking at the camera. Now have the groom look at the bride, then have both look at each other and then have the groom look again at the camera.

The next step is giving the couple cues – for example, have the groom whisper something funny to the bride and from here you can take those cues and play with them so, for example, Pye had the couple stand close to each other and have the bride hold the grooms arm and think about that funny thing he whispered.

The whole idea here is to get emotions out. This isn’t easy for the couple and you have to remember that most people are not that comfortable in this sort of situation (especially just before a stressful event like a wedding) so try and make the shooting a fun experience and have them laugh as much as possible and have fun – even if this means goofing off.

You can easily have more variations – for example, shots where the groom is turned away from the camera but still hold the bride or stands behind her holding hands. Sometimes it is also nice to have the bride look down when the groom is looking at her. Hugging and having heads touching is also a great pose especially if you have the sun in the background.

You can also keep changing between a wide-angle and a more closed shot (this is where a zoom lens will be a good idea although you can always zoom with your legs just keep in mind the perspective is not the same in both cases).

More cool and funny tricks can be asking both the bride and groom say each other’s favorite food/movie/TV show or any other common shared thing that they should know about each other – the result in most cases is going to be lots of laughter and hopefully lots of great shots.

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