Life Lite – Affordable Tiny Waterproof LED

San Diego-based startup Lume Cube just released their second cube shaped LED and this time around it is smaller, lighter and even more affordable.

About a year ago we tested the very successful original Lume Cube LED and came out very pleased – this tiny powerful unit surprised us with just how much it can do in such a small form factor.  Although we still feel that at around $80 the original Lume Cube is actually pretty affordable – the company thought it can do one better and released an even smaller and more affordable unit called Life Lite.

So what exactly are the differences between the the older the the newer LEDs? here is what Lume Cube had to say about it:

The Lume Cube is water proof to 100ft, 1500 Lumen LED, and the app can control up to 100 Lume Cubes. The [new] Life Lite uses similar technology, but is half the size, a third of the weight, 1000 lumen LED, is waterproof to 30 ft, and it’s app can control up to 5 Life Lites. As a bonus, the lights are interchangeable with the apps. The Lume Cube has an optical sensor, whereas the Life Lite does not, and of course you have the difference in price.

What is the price difference – well, if you thought the $80 of the original Lume Cube was reasonable (we did) than the new Life Lite is exactly half – just $40 and on Kickstarter you can get 2 units for less than one Lume Cube (at $74). What is nice about the new light is that you now should have no problem using several of them together and still be on budget.

Really the only drawback of both lights is the CRI which is about 80 – we would certainly like to see a pro version with a 90+ CRI rating in the future.

The new Life Lite – tiny and affordable app controlled LED


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