Loupedeck DIY Stand (Ikea Hack)

We have been working with the very cool Loupedeck keyboard which we are going to review here soon for over 6 months and we wanted a little more angle when we use it on our desk so we came up with a cool solution based on a laptop support stand from Ikea.

On our last visit to Ikea we came across two useful stands – the larger BRÄDA and the smaller ISBERGET (seriously who comes up with these names). We used the smaller ISBERGET to provide a little bit of angle for our battery charges and the larger BRÄDA for the Loupedeck.

The thing is that the BRÄDA is much larger than the Loupedeck. So we decided to make a costume version of the BRÄDA that will fit the Loupedeck exactly. This meant cutting the BRÄDA both horizontally and vertically.

Initially, we used our Miter Saw after applying tape to the area we wanted to cut and marking a straight line. It worked, at first but since we didn’t use a blade with enough teeth it did end up taking out a small piece of the plastic (always use your safety gear when using a saw of course).

The finished stand

So this was not something that we recommend (unless you have a blade with fine teeth and you work very slowly). A safer approach is to use a hand saw which is what we ended up doing. It works well but one of the sides is too long so you will need a straight saw with fine teeth to complete the cut.

After some sanding and removing the debris and dirt (this makes a lot of dirt mind you), We were ready for the final stage – glueing the two larger parts that we just sawed in half together.

You need to be precise so that what you are connecting will sit straight on the table – we suggest doing some tests with the Loupedeck at this stage and of course make sure that you clamp the two parts securely from every angle (we used 5 different clamps but we love woodworking so we have many of them in our shop anyway).

Despite the small crack and a few imperfections the result works like a charm and now the footprint of the elevated Loupedeck is minimal and we no longer have that pink  atrocity in front of our face all day (mind you, you can get the BRÄDA in black as well – our store just didn’t have it at the time).

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Iddo Genuth
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