Hands on with the Loupedeck CT Advanced Control Deck with Monitors

Loupedeck has announced a new advanced controlling/editing console with knobs, buttons and for the first time mini touch displays that can enable a user to perform different tasks in various software more quickly and easily.

We have been using the Loupedeck+ for over a year now and we loved the experience and use – especially when doing color grading in Premiere Pro and some Camera RAW color editing. We have also been using the Stream Deck XL which we love and has 32 keys/monitors with fantastic and versatile software (see our review) but it lacks knobs which is a drawback for some types of uses (especially when trying to control sliders.

The new Loupedeck CT tries to combine both worlds offering a touch screen (and a large knob with a touch screen) plus physical keys and knobs. This way you can control different pieces of software (including Premiere, Final Cut Pro, Photoshop, Lightroom, Ableton Live and a few others with more promised ahead)

On the video above photographer Lee Morris (co-founder of fstoppers.com) had a chance to do a first hands-on test of the new Loupedeck CT (everything is still very early on including the software and will probably be updated and there are no tutorials – yet). His early conclusion is that the new Loupedeck CT is a more universal solution that doesn’t fit only photographers/videographers but power users of all types (much like the Stream Deck).

We are looking forward to testing it in the not too distant future (we might publish our look at the original Loupedeck+ first). In the meantime if you want to order your own Loupedeck CT you can do so with free shipping – the price isn’t cheap though – it is currently selling for 499 € (U.S. pricing is actually $550) and it will start shipping on Nov. 11th. 2019.

Update video: Official Loupedeck CT introduction video

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