Luminoodle: The Waterproof Flexible, USB LED Strip

A new Kickstarter project is looking to raise money for a very simple yet extremely versatile LED solution called Luminoodle. Although the unit wasn’t designed specifically for photography, it actually has some interesting uses for anybody with a creative mind.

Luminoodle is the brainchild of David Toledo and Paul Slusser and their very talented team at Power Practical from Salt Lake City. This is the same company that already successfully completed funding of several other innovative power/energy related products including the powerpot, which allows you to generate power from heating a simple water pot anywhere you are to charge your smartphone or any other gadget on the go.

Since the powerpot the guys created a few other very successful projects and not they turned their creative minds to using this power to generate light. More particularly – LEDs (5000K), and not just any simple ones but LEDs that are both flexible, powerful (180 lumens), waterproof and can be easily powered from a USB battery so you can easily use them practically anywhere.

So as a photographer what can you do with this LED called Luminoodle? well, besides using it as background light for portraiture or product lights which you can stretch close to any object you wish to shoot, our idea was to try and using it for light painting – its inexpensive, simple to operate anywhere and it is flexible so you can loop it and attach it on to any shape which you can move around for your light painting shoot. This is just us – we are sure that other photographers will come up with other uses, maybe even more creative ones than we did.

The luminoodle kit with the noodle ties and the magnet – attach it to anything


We are hoping to test the Luminoodle in the not too distant future. In the meantime you still have almost two weeks to get one for a reduced price during the (already very successful) Kickstarter campaign (which so far raised over $210,000). Each Luminoodle cost just under $20 and you can even get a set with a USB battery (for under $40) which should be good for up to 6 hours, or a pack of 5 units (for $76) – check out all these options on the Kickstarter page.

Last year the guys from Power Practical came up with a different useful gadget – the Pronto. A new fast charging and powerful USB battery design that can charge up to 12 times as fast as existing Li-Ion batteries (they have done so using a custom circuit boards that quickly charge up cells with a dedicated AC wall charger). You can check the Pronto on our previous article – here.

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