Maxima 7: Next Generation Ultra Powerful 700W COB LED First look at a new generation of super LEDs

LEDs have been advancing quickly over the past several years improving in both light quality, output and controlling methods from one generation to the next. A new Italian company is looking to bring the next big thing to the video LED world with a super bright 700W COB that can outperform almost anything else on the market and has some very unique features.

Maxima 7 is the brainchild of a group of Italian filmmakers working in the movie and advertising industry and has been in the works for the past two years and is finally getting ready for prime time and we are one of the first websites to get information on it before the official release.

We had a chance to talk to the development team and they explained that the idea for the Maxima 7 was born as part of their day-to-day job and love for HMIs which can be unpractical for many smaller productions. What they came up with was meant to tick all the right boxes for and production looking for a super-powerful light at a portable package with the best color accuracy currently available in the industry and cooling that is way below audible levels.

Here are the main features of the Maxima 7:

  • 700W COB with a 10″ Fresnel lens (15-60 degree beam angle).
  • Close to 60,000 Lux at 3m (with Fresnel reflector – 15-degree beam – not too far from a PAR 1200W HMI – see video below).
  • 5600K daylight color.
  • No flicker even at 200fps (at any dimming level).
  • Bowens mount (future versions might have different mounts as well).
  • Full copper heatsink and super silent fan ( 21dBa at 1 meter – well below auditory levels and significantly quieter than anything we know above the 300W range).
  • 900W integrated power supply – yes, you are reading this right – this is a single part unit – the PSU, light and controls are all inside the same unit (no annoying extra components and cables. The PSU itself is capable of 900W and according to the developers it might be possible to upgrade the COB to 900W by sending it back to the manufacturer when more powerful LEDs will be available in the future).
  • CRI of 96+, TLCI of 97 (and for those who keep up with the latest standards: SSIt 45; SSId 74; SSI1 45).
  • 5 meters Neoprene ultra-flexible (Schuko, Type A, Type B available).
  • Bluetooth 4.2 (mobile app); Proprietary embedded 2.4Ghz RF (dedicated remote control might come in the future) plus USB 3.0 as control interface.
  • Weight 9.9kg (21.8lbs) with reflector and 56cm/22″ length.
  • Made in Italy

The unit is not available yet (although the announcement from what we understand is planned for the not too distant future) and we can’t really say anything about pricing. There are also a few other things that we are not sure about at this point (we will try and update this post when we get answers) including any options for battery power (this is pushing it with 700W so our guess is that you will need AC for this unit) and DMX control.

We are hoping to test the Maxima 7 later on this year when it becomes available.

Power output demo of the Maxima 7 compared to a PAR 1200W HMI 

YouTube player

Effects demonstration of the Maxima 7

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