PGYTECH MantisPod – Next Level Vlogging Tripod

Vlogging tripods is a niche we don’t cover too often over here at LensVid, however, we love innovation, and the new MantisPod from PGYTECH brings a lot of cool features that can be useful for vloggers but also for shooters who need lots of versatility on the go.

MantisPod features

The PGYTECH MantisPod is not your run-of-the-mill tabletop tripod or vlogging tripod it has a whole host of features. The following is a list of the main things that it can do:

  • Includes 7 usage modes (Extended Mode, Lowered View Mode, Elevated Tripod Mode, Mantis Mode, Mobile Vlogging Mode, Vertical Shooting Mode, Handheld Mode see examples in the videos below).
  • Mantis mode allows the user to hang the tripod from different surfaces to capture uniqe angles.
  • Easily change from portrait to landscape mode.
  • SnapLock mini reverse ball head (with patented SnapLock plate with Arca-Swiss support and a tight-fitting screw to avoid it getting unscrewed by accident).
  • Has a built-in Mini-phone holder
  • Includes a swiveling cold shoe mount on the side for a mic*light etc. as well as a 1/4 screw thread.
  • Built from magnesium.

The MANTISPOD in Mantis mode


The MantisPod is more expensive than your ordinary tabletop tripod (or most vlogging tripods that we are familiar with) but it also brings with it a significant amount of capabilities as we have seen (and you can see more in the videos below).

You can currently purchase the MANTISPOD vlogging tripod from the PGYTECH website for just under $150.

Hands-on from across the web

There are a number of video hands-on online already and we bring you two of them here:

Potato Jet with a look at what you can do with the MANTISPOD 

YouTube player

FlytPath looking at the MANTISPOD 

YouTube player

Peter Lindgren on using the MANTISPOD 

YouTube player

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