PicoMic Dual Wireless Mic Hands on Review

On this review, our colleague, photographer, and videographer Curtis Judd, take a look at a new wireless mic system by the Franch company Picogear which seems like a very innovative option for a specific type of audience.

There are several dual-mic systems on the market (a system where a single receiver can work at the same time with two transmitting units). Sony URX-P03D, Deity connect system, and a few others at this category can save you time (and in some cases money) by allowing you to set up quickly for a two-person interview for example.

Picogear wanted to create a more affordable but more importantly simpler to use system (somewhat similar to the concept behind Sennheiser’s XS Wireless Digital and AVX systems which are designed to be a very simple plug and play units – however for some reason Sennheiser never made a dual version option).

The design of the PicoMic is very interesting – you have the receiver unit with a large monitor and a very simple to use interface and it houses two tiny clip-on mics. It has a headphone jack but the mics don’t have an option to connect a 3’rd party lav mic which we feel is a shame (although we guess the general idea was again – maximum simplicity).

The system works on the popular 2.4GHz band, which on the one hand is easy to use anywhere – this is the same frequency as WIFI, but on the other hand is also the busiest frequency at the moment. To counter this Picogear used a frequency-hopping technology (several other companies including Sennheiser uses the same concept in its wireless system as well).

The system seems to have a very long-range (especially when there is a line of sight with the transmitter) and has an outstanding battery life of close to 20 hours which is really fantastic.

In terms of audio quality, the lack of option for connecting 3’rd part mics to the transmitters and the fact that you will likely connect the receiver directly to the camera (it only has a 3.5mm jack – no XLR here) means that this is more of a consumer-oriented product although we must say that the general idea of a simple to use, long-lasting, compact dual system is appealing and we are looking forward to seeing what Picogear will do next.

As for pricing the PicoMic Dual Wireless Mic currently sells for $450 (should be available on September 2019) which should be considered very affordable for a dual wireless mic setup of this type.

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Iddo Genuth
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