Problem Solving Power Solutions from Zitay A closer look at Zitay's power solutiuons

We recently received a number of interesting products from the Chinese manufacturer Zitay. All these products provide a different task when it comes to delivering power to our equipment and some are quite unique.

Zitay Background

ZITAY is a Chinese company founded in 2015 which specializes in camera batteries and dummy batteries, power cables, rigs, and accessories.

They also have some interesting solutions for CFexpress to SSD Converters and CFAST TO SSD converters.

Testing Zitay Power solutions

We received a number of products from the company. Some are so new they don’t even seem to appear on the company page at the moment although that will probably be updated soon.

Novel power accessories and L type battery from Zitay

Zitay CB-FZ100L - Dummy battery to DC

Zitay CB-FZ100H – Dummy battery to D-tap

This is possibly the least unique of the products that we got from Zitay but it is still extremely useful. If you are recording long shots with your Sony camera equipped with a Z-type battery this product is very useful.

Using a V-mount battery means that we can power our A7R IV for many hours either on a tripod or are heavy-duty follow focus rig without worrying that we will run out of power.

Our unit came with a coiled cable that is about 40cm long (without stretching) and seemed to perform as expected.

Useful dummy battery to D-tap

Useful dummy battery to D-tap

ZITAY NP-FZ100 Dummy Battery USB Type C

Next, we got a similar dummy battery but this one has a USB-C connector. This might sound like a trivial product but let us tell you – it really isn’t.

We can now share that over the past year we have been in touch with a number of manufacturers that have tried to develop this type of product. Two have sent us pre-production units and both failed to work, either failing to provide the camera with power or producing error messages on the camera.

Why would you even want a dummy battery with USB-C if you can power most full-frame Sony cameras using USB-C directly? well, there are actually a number of reasons. First only the most recent Sony models can truly be powered without slowly draining the internal battery using USB-C (the A7S III and possibly the A1 can do that with their USB-C PD support).

The second reason is that while using USB-C might power the camera directly it doesn’t help with keeping it cool over long recording sessions. Some reviewers even suggested that USB-C might heat the camera more, reducing continuous record times.

Dummy batteries on the other hand keep the camera cooler and having one that can be powered by USB-C gives the user a lot of flexibility.

When we tested the Zitay FZ100 to USB-C dummy battery with our different  USB-C PD power banks only the Chargeasap Flash 2.0 power bank that we tested here last year worked.

Our two other USB-C PD power banks (one of them from Anker) didn’t. Working with the Zitay 20W USB-C PD wall charger also worked fine so we suspect that both of the other batteries do not fully comply with the USB-C PD specification in some way, but we have no way of proving this.

One last note – the USB-C cable on our test unit is fairly short, however, Zitay states that you can choose the cable length that you want when ordering from their website so this is certainly useful.

The first (working) Z dummy battery to USB-C

The first (working) Z dummy battery to USB-C

Zitay L mount NP-F970 Battery Dual DC Ports USB C Battery

This relatively compact L-type battery has a lot of things going for it. First, it packs a lot of juice – 7.2V 10,500mAH (or 77Watt hour) to be precise. It has a 4 bar lit battery status which you can check with a button, two DC in and out ports, and a USB-C port with a reset option (in case of the overcharge protection kicks in).

Besides using this battery as a normal L type battery for monitors wireless transmitters and other accessories it can also be used to power any device that can work with a DC cable and you should be able to use up to two devices at the same time as long as each doesn’t require more than 3A.

[Art – we might have a second DC-powered dummy battery of some sort maybe we can try to show both working at the same time – I’ll try and explain where I think it is – maybe middle right shelf I think).

The second innovative feature of this battery is certainly the USB-C port. As far as we know this is the first L-type battery that has USB-C. We recently tested the YINCHEM L type battery here which has micro USB for charging and USB-A as output but USB-C can do so much more, it is more powerful and charges much faster.

That means that you can both provide power to USB-C PD powered devices but also charge the battery itself from a fast charger very quickly based on our testing:

  • Charge time via Zitay USB-C 20W charger – about 4 hours (official and test).
  • Battery life when powering a high brightness 5.5″ monitor (Portkeys BM5 II) – about 4 hours on our test at max brightness (should last longer with less brightness).

Zitay L type battery with USB-C PD in and out and dual DC

Zitay L type battery with USB-C PD in and out and dual DC

Zitay CB-FZ100L – Dummy battery to DC

The last product we got was the Zitay Sony FZ100 to DC. On its own, there isn’t anything special about this but when it works with the new Zitay L mount battery with dual DC you get a single fairly small battery that can power both your camera and a monitor for example for a long time.

Different power options for Z dummy batteries – DC / USB-C / D-Tap

Different power options for Z dummy batteries - DC / USB-C / D-Tap

Conclusion and Pricing

We were pleasantly impressed by all of the different products we got from Zitay – they all seem to work fine without any alarming messages from our camera (trust us you don’t want to fry your $3000 camera because of a $30 dummy battery).

The dummy battery to USB-C and the new L mount battery are truly novel products and although we will certainly see more of these in the market soon, Zitay needs to be congratulated for getting their first (as far as we know).

When it comes to pricing:

NPF970 battery – Zitay website with a dummy battery ($60); Amazon battery only ($56), battery with dummy battery and charger ($90).
DC to FZ100 Dummy Battery – Zitay website ($30); Amazon ($30) [Please note that this is is a locking DC cable].
USB C to FZ100 Dummy Battery – Zitay website ($30); Amazon ($30).
D-Tap to FZ100 Dummy Battery – Zitay website ($36); Amazon ($40).

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