First Look: IndiPRO Tools Universal Power Grip

Photo Plus 2019 expo has ended a few days ago and there are a number of new products shown at the show, one of them is the IndiPRO Tools Universal Power Grip – a unique handle/battery with a number of power options that can charge/power your camera/accessories for many hours.

We love innovative power solutions that are compact and provide different power options on the field. In the past, we tested a number of these including one from IndiPRO called the Tools POWER POD. This new power handle is quite different – in that it gives the user both a very useful form factor of a handle which can be used on top of a camera cage (or on the side or even both sides if you have two units) and is also extremely versatile in the different powering options that it provides.

So what can you power with the IndiPRO Tools Universal Power Grip? well, first you have two D-Taps (14.4v 10A), 12v and 8v DC barrel jacks as well as a 5V 2.1A USB-A port. This should be enough to power almost any conceivable small-mid size camera (particularly DSLRs/mirrorless cameras) as well as most on-camera accessories such as small lights, recorders, monitors etc.

In terms of the internal battery, the unit has a 70Wh battery which is comparable to a small V-mount battery and should be able to power a camera like the Pocket 4K & 6K cameras for up to 5 hours of use. The unit has a power button on top and a battery level meter on the side of the handle.

In the video above, Adam Frimer from DIYphotography talks to a representative from IndiPRO Tools about the battery which should be ready in a few weeks and cost about $380 (there will be a number of kits with different dummy batteries for different cameras).

We still a few questions about this product and we hope to bring you some updates and hopefully an actual review later this year.

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