Relio 2 – Personal LED Improved

Relio was an innovative Italian lighting product that first appeared on the market almost 5 years ago. This tiny LED unit was extremely compact and now a new version called Relio 2 is being introduced which bring some important improvements.

We have reviewed the original Relio in the past and while it was an interesting product 5 years ago, compared to some of the products on the market today it is lacking both in terms of power and color accuracy. The new version addresses these drawbacks and adds a number of features including wireless control.

4 Relio 2 units used for product photography

The color was significantly improved in the new version with now claimed up to 98% native TLCI and better than 80 R9 (red) CRI. The Relio 2 will come in different color temperatures (it is a mono light, meaning you don’t have an option to control the temperature), including 5700K and 4000K.

Uses a magnetic mount for power (USB cable)

While the Relio still has no internal battery (this is part of the philosophy of the designer who wishes the light to continue to work for years – well after any type of Li-ion battery will stop working), There will also be an optional external stand/adaptor that will use Sony NP-F batteries that will power new Relio for 5-10 hours (depending on the setting and the specific battery). Talking about accessories – there will be a host of new ones (including tiny barn doors, diffusers and more) that you will initially be able to print on a 3D printer (the models will be free to download) and later on, you will be able to buy.

Optional (3D printed) accessories

The Relio 2 will also have BT support and an app that can control several units at the same time (both iOS and Android).

A new multi-unit app

As for pricing, the Relio 2 sell now starting from around 160 Euros. We are hoping to bring you a review of this new version later this year.

Relio 2 short demo for photography (no sound)

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